Dissecting Worlds: Ragnarok

The Mother of All Conclusions Approaches!

The kryptonite of real life has chipped away at our podcasting shields, there are Klingons on the starboard bow, well women in the life support, the engines are running red and that strange precious creature is running around with the magic jewellery we were supposed to deliver so Matt and I are reaching for dual keys and activating the self-destruct.

Hopefully as fragments of Dissecting Worlds make their flaming re-entry they will inspire future podcasters waving ox bones around a monolith and leave a legacy.

Is there time for Kehaar to squeeze his cricket kit in a life pod ? Will there be room with Matt’s X-wing models ? That will be for future debate.

It’s been 7 years, and despite being Brits, approaching November we want to give thanks for those 7 years. So we will record a ‘mother of all conclusions’ we would welcome any comments, audio or email contributions either memories of the show, things we never tackled you wish we had or anything else you might have by Thanksgiving 23rd November 2017 and we will see out 2017 with a bang.

Buckle-up fuzzballs!

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News: Series 11 Episode Titles

Hello again, we hope you’re enjoying the first episode of “Legendary Creators”!

As promised in the episode, we have been working on a full series subject list for your amusement and (hopefully) delight. So, without further ado, our 8 – yes 8! – matchups will be:

  • Comics: Moore vs Miller
  • Film: Spielberg vs Carpenter
  • TV: Gerry Anderson vs Gene Roddenbery
  • Gaming: Greg Stafford vs Gary Gygax
  • Books: Edgar Rice Burroughs vs Micheal Moorcock
  • TV: Terry Nation vs Glen A Larson
  • Film: Walt Disney vs Hayao Miyazaki
  • Books: Mary Shelley vs Bram Stoker

At this point the actual running order is in flux, as we are trying to line a few guests to add to our discussions. But we’re looking forward to all of these, and hope you are too.

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New Episode: Series 11, Episode 1: Alan Moore vs Frank Miller

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 1: Moore vs Miller

Welcome to Series 11 of Dissecting Worlds, where we attempt to Compare and Contrast pairs of Legendary Creators! This time we set Bearded Wizard Alan Moore against Angry Iconoclast Frank Miller in a battle of Comic Book Gods that only they could write.  In an attempt to find harmony and discord between these two we cover:

  • Strangely parallel career paths and striking divergences.
  • Sex and Violence and other Grown Up Content.
  • Deconstruction, Reconstruction and relationships with their own Legacies.
  • Comic Creator Top Trumps!

Matt has a new mic and recording setup so any comments on the audio improvement (or otherwise) would be gratefully received.

All feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk on email, the Facebook Group www.facebook.com/dissectingworlds or below !

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News: Update on Series 11

Hey! Wheres the next episode?

Good question, Internet Straw Man. As we’ve mentioned we’re in the process of putting together our next series around the subject of “Legendary Creators” and it’s sort of ballooned into needing more planning than our usual “lets put the show on right here” style. Which means it’s run straight into when we’re both on holiday. Separate holidays, I might add, sorry to let any Mat-harr shippers out there down.

However! We are almost there. We should record the first episode in Series 11 – probably “Alan Moore vs Frank Miller” – in the next couple of weeks with the aim of getting it out at the end of June. There is also an excellent chance that this series will run to 8, rather  than 6 episodes, just because we can’t decide what to cut.

We’re also looking at how to run a “Legendary Creators World Cup” later in the summer, so look out for more news on that.

So, sorry for the delay, but we hope it will worth the wait!

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New Episode: Special: Westerns!

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Special – Westerns

Yeee-haaaa! – Saddle Up partners & join Patrick from the Almost Educate podcast (the good) Matt (the bad) and Kehaar (the ugly) for rough riding through the badlands where the Western and Geek genres meet.

During the episode we look at :

  •  our favourite westerns
  •  Aliens as a western?
  •  the browncoated  elephant in the room
  •  Modern Day Detroit and post-apocalyptic westerns
  •  The many western homages of 2000ad
  •  Star Wars and Star Trek
  •  Battle Beyond the Stars and much much more

Patrick can be found on the Almost Educational Podcast.

Kehaar is running a 1920s heist gave at grogmeet get tickets here if any are left

There is still time to send us suggestions for Series 11! Check out our post here:

Symposium  dates coming soon….

Feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk on email, the Facebook Group www.facebook.com/dissectingworlds or below !

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Suggestion Box: Legendary Creators

One of the things we’d like to more of, going forward, is get a little more feedback on what subjects you’d like to see covered on the show. As we’ve mentioned on the last episodes, we want to do a series on “Legendary Creators” – those men and women who have a large influence on a genre, or medium, outside of the actual work itself. The sort of people whose legacy (good and ill, to be honest) lives beyond them. We’ve some ideas of our own, but we’d love to have a few less obvious choices on the list. So before we roll out what we are looking at, if you’re got any ideas of people who’s work we’ve not covered, and think we should, shout out.

So post here, to Facebook, twitter (@dissectingwrlds), or just email us (dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk)!  No idea too outlandish!

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New Episode: Ask Us Anything!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Special: Ask Us Anything

Pull up your most comfy chair to the fireside and listen in as Kehaar and Matt take your questions on the past, present and future of Dissecting Worlds! In this episode we take on listener queries, and cover:

  • Our Secret Origin!
  • Marxism (and other ­isms) !
  • Reboots we’d love to control!
  • Fictional Universes to Emigrate to!
  • Our Next Series (and a couple of specials) announced!

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and apologies if we didn’t get to yours!

Follow us on Twitter @dissectingwrlds and/or join our Facebook group for more!

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New Episode! Series 10, Episode 7: Fantastic Creatures Conculusions

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep7: Fantastic Creatures Conclusions!

Wrapping up their series on Fantastic Creatures the gruesome twosome invite the listeners to send in their thoughts, which means the following get discussed:

* Wehlan’s Moorcock art making elves sexy (thanks Rachel Khan @portablecity)

* Dire Halflings!

* The Fertility of Half Elves (thanks to @lindybeige)

* Elephantmen (finally, honest)

* Channel 4’s Humans & Azimov’s Laws of Robotics

* R E Howard on race and sex (most picked up listening @theCromcast)

* And plenty more! Thanks to everyone who got in touch!

And whislt we are on the subject, please take the time to do our listener survey & help shape our future episodes https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CWBKB2K

Follow us on Twitter @dissectingwrlds and/or join our FACEBOOK group for more!

Finally our next episode will be an “Ask Dissecting Worlds” so get your questions in! Anything Goes!

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Dissecting Audiences!

Yes, as mentioned on the Facebook page and on the upcoming episode, we are running a survey to find out just what you think of us.

Oh wait, that sounds scary. At least for us. But it’s a straightforward set of questions asking important questions like how long you’ve listened, what you like (or don’t) about the show, and who was better, Romans of Vikings?, what do you think we should do next? 

We’ve already had some interesting responses and when it’s all done we’ll even talk through it here or on the show. So your voice counts, and we’d love to (anonymously) hear it!


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New Episode: Series 10, Episode 6: Animal Men (and Women)

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep 6: Animal Men

This time our hulking lizardman and tiny seagull look at animals in science fiction. So that is uplifted earth creatures and coincidentally similar aliens with special attention on: Planet of the Apes in its sundry incarnations

  • David Brin’s Uplift Saga magnus opus
  • Planet of the Apes in all its forms
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time
  • Cat girls and anthropomorphic Space Aliens
  • With nods to other pulp and hard SF takes on the tropes.
  • And we utterly fail to cover Elephant Men despite wanting to
  • Matt’s bookshelf features Rome which will be a surprise.

Pray dear listeners it’s our conclusions episode next so let’s have your feedback and ideas – emails and mp3s to dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk or find us on FACEBOOK or @dissectingwrlds on Twitter.

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