New Episode: Schools Special!

Dowload: Dissecting Worlds Special: Schools Out

This time Matt and Keehar are sent back to school with a special on all things educational. What is the attraction in the school setting? What gets it right and wrong? Classes include:

  • The American vs English (vs Japanese!) school paradigm
  • “Harem” Anime and School Settings
  • Harry Potter, and would you send your child to Hogwarts?
  • American cliches – grades, graduations and High School Reunions
  • Super-Schooling in it’s many guises.
  • Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars; outsider heroes.
  • All this and the Dissecting Worlds Bookshelf too!

Feedback for any and all of this welcome to our Facebook page (, by email to or twitter @dissectingwrlds

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