New Episode: Series 9, Episode 2: Game of Shadows (of the Apt)

The quarrelsome transpennine express of social science is honoured to be joined by the august and dulcet personage of Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 9 Episode 2: Game of Shadows (of the Apt)

Discussing Adrian’s epic and espionage rich series ‘The Shadow of the Apt’ they discuss:

  • The Wasp Rekef and it’s Russian inspiration
  • Stenwold Maker and personal espionage networks
  • Aptitude & Inaptitude’s affect on spying
  • The lack of espionage in fantasy fiction
  • The role of magic in spycraft
  • Intelligence agencies as Internal controls
  • The Commonweal can’t cope
  • Call-me-Kenneth’s calling in the Star Wars universe
  • and more!

Adrian’s site for the series is here: and he can be followed on twitter @aptshadow. His amazon page for the series and future works is here:

Feedback to. @DissectingWrlds on twitter, on email, the Facebook group or below !

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