Updated: Announcing Dissecting Worlds Live!

Here at Dissecting Worlds Towers we are often talking about worldbuilding, and the processes that drive it, and passing out own skewed judgements on the works of others. But wait, you said, why don’t you try it yourselves? And thats an excellent point, and something we would like to try. In order to create a setting with a somewhat clean slate, we want to give it a go with a “Colony Simulation”, inspired at least in part a thread we had going on the Facebook Page a couple of weeks back.

We’re still in the planning stages, and it’s very much a “beta” test of something we would run again in different settings if it works out, but if you’re interested, read on, and let us know if you’d be interesting in being involved, on-line or off.

The Colony Ship

The Tabula Rasa is a venture under the auspices of the United Nations to settle a distant world. As such it’s crew and colonists are a diverse bunch drawn from the across the world, hurled out into space to create a new way of living around a distant star. A steering committee, to plan and manage this new colony was established, but as the ship re-entered RealSpace around its target home, its Drive malfunctioned, tearing the ship apart and scattering the colonists across the planet. Everything, it now seems, is up for grabs.

How it works

We hope to have a number of players each controlling a faction of the colonists clustered around the main landing site. These can be pretty much anything – Space Hippies to New Cyber Puritans – but they will all have an interest in how this new society is run. Initially you thrash out a form of government and constitution, and then we start to roll the clock forward. Each generation (say, every 25 years) a new Great Crisis will emerge, randomly drawn from a list of options so you can’t know what is coming. How you react will again form the shape of the society to come.

We do it a few times and see where we end up. What will our new society look like? Where has it come from? What do its people do in their spare time, should they have any? We can build a world, and see what sort of people live in it.

When and where we want to try it

We booked some space at Foleys pub in Leeds, 12 – 5 pm, Saturday 21st February, in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We are keen to make online participation in both the event and the build up a possibility so, if anyone has any experience or advice on this, please email us!

What we need from you!

First – people! Are you interested and how can you take part?

Second – Ideas!- we want ideas for the “crisis deck” and for “factions” so we don’t have a lot of control of how the world will develop, only how we react to it.

So, sing out wherever you can find us if you want to be involved!

So, What Next?

We’ve had some great feedback already, including a couple of people calling us crazy, which I guess we can’t argue with. I’m working on an FAQ which will go in the next couple of days, as well as more info on the ship and target world. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in so far!

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