Coming Soon: Spy Trek!

Next up on our tour of the many worlds of Geek Espionage is a welcome return to the Star Trek Universe. Here, everyone has their own version of the KGB – the Klingons, the Romulans, the Cardassians, even the Federation manage to get in on the act. We’ll try and cover all the shows, and all the parallel universes. Join us soon, or if you’re spying on us from the future in a complex plot to amend causality, join us in your past!

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3 comments on “Coming Soon: Spy Trek!
  1. duckdaworld says:

    Section 31 ?

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  2. duckdaworld says:

    OK .. As a Vice-Admiral of StarFleet, this have been reported, thus I’m NOW following this blog.

    [Section31-SEC =/\= VAdm DuckDAWorld – STO]

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