DW Live!: Frequently Asked Questions, Volume 2

So, with only a few days to go, the final round of planning is upon us. Read on for the last few questions we’ve been had posed. 

So, where, exactly, and when?

Mr Foleys Cask Ale House, Leeds . It’s opposite the Town Hall, on the Headrow. We’ll be up on the balcony area and at least one of us will have a Dissecting Worlds Hoodie or T-Shirt on. Starts at 12, Finishes at 5.

Oh My God! What are all these rules?

The rules are there to help us make decisions if all else fails. As far as we’re concerned, narrative trumps all, fun trumps all, but we need someway of splitting differences if we need to. Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through anything you need.

What about virtual attendance? Have you managed to sort that?

Sadly this is the bad news. We don’t have the kit or the proper conference facilities at our disposal (nor could we source them, which is why we’re in a room in a bar!) this time around. We had a few good ideas about managing the distance – Earth-based factions being one, but for our first time out we’re going to have to keep it simple, so we don’t drown in our own ambition. We will be getting updates and so on up on Facebook and Twitter, so keep an eye out for that.

What is going to happen afterwards?

A couple of drinks, probably, and maybe even food. 

Oh you mean about the event? Sorry. Well there is certainly be posts here, with the factions and crisis in more detail. There will also be at least one full-length podcast where we run through and Dissect our own World, which is something to look forward to!

If this works, what happens next?

Already got some ideas. Definitely a Fantasy Theme, rather than an SF one, and maybe a little bit more personality focused rather than factions. But thats for another time…. 

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