Dissecting Worlds Live!: From the Day!

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who helped out with Dissecting Worlds Live. We got a lot of suggestions of Factions, Crisis and general world-building, and a lot of people who re-tweeted, shared and generally sent good wishes about the event. And on the day itself, people turned up! And we ran the Event! And it was fun! We’ll do a few summaries over the next couple of weeks around which will go into what actually happened, and of course there will be a full-length episode on it all, and the sort of Colony we ended up building. But first, a couple of pictures, and some quotes, from the day itself. 

From @dissectingwrlds:
“Bonapartists are forming a science academy, trans utopians developing robo livers, and A number of the survey team suffer unhappy accidents ! (Naughty Stalinists)”

“I am totally in favour of you doing something in fifty years time”

“Phred appreciation day seams a success on the colony”

“Stalinists & edenists allied in limiting mining the raw material of positironic brains…”

From Ken (Techno-Humanists)
Enjoyed #DWLive2015 . solved disaffected youth by firing them into space

From Mavis (New Edenists)
Had a lovely time being the environmentalist faction of a new colony ship. Did not win many rounds of voting but managed to block things I disagreed with so let’s call that a win. I for one would like to welcome our new robot overlords.

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