New Episode: Series 9, Episode 5: Spy Trek!

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 9,Ep 5: Spy Trek!

This month the U.S.S. Dissecting Worlds boldly goes back to the Star Trek Universe, where amongst the idealism and starships lie all sorts of secret shenanigans. Kehaar and Matt dive in too all the series and movies to pull out valuable intel on:

  • What happened to the Klingons between the sly operators of TOS to the honour-bound warriors of TNG?
  • How the Romulan Masters of Subterfuge ended up done over by the Dominion
  • Why are all the Spy Agencies basically the KGB?
  • Are Section 31 behind the plot of Star Trek VI and how would you tell?
  • Missed covert opportunities with Enterprise and Voyager.

Dissecting Worlds Live 2015 happened and was great fun! Thank you to everyone who attended, contributed ideas, or just wished us luck. A summary, thoughts, and an episode on it will follow as soon as we’ve recovered!

Feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, on email, the Facebook Group or below !

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