Series 10 – Have Your Say!

With series 9 starting to wind to a close, we’re already discussing what to do next. First though – if you have any feedback you want to send on our Spies series, please do – especially any audio on something we’ve missed or just got plain wrong. It doesn’t have to be long, and we can clean up the audio for you, so just record on it phone in a quiet moment and mail it over! Emails, tweets and Facebooking also accepted!

So, to series 10. We are down to three ideas that we are considering:

Fantastic Creatures

A look at the sort of common fantasy, horror and SF archetypes and fabulous beasties. Dragons! Orcs! Unicorns! (?), Demons, Lycanthropes and Elves of all kinds.

The Planets

A tour of the Solar System using the planets for gateways into wider themes. So Jupiter might let us talk about 2001: A Space Odyssey and other tales of exploration and transcendance. Saturn may be Silent Running and the SF films of the 1970s. We may even split Mars into two to let us do an episode on Barsoom.

Childrens Television

We’ve both wound up watching a lot of kids TV over the last few years, and indeed before, and there is a lot there to unpack that many of us carry over to adulthood. Thinking about things like the Power Rangers, Saturday Morning Superhero Cartoons of all stripes, and right up to date with shows like Adventure Time.

So shout out if you have any thoughts if there is one series you’d prefer over the others, or if you’ve more suggestions for topics to cover in any or all the categories.

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3 comments on “Series 10 – Have Your Say!
  1. Jay says:

    One vote for Fantastic Creatures. Enjoyed the Trek spy episode and will probably pick up DS9 now. Never Voyager though.


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