Series 10 Running Order Unveiled!

So, with Series 9 in the bag, it’s time to formally unveil Series 10. After some discussion – and thanks for all the feedback on this – we’re going for “Fantastic Creatures”, from traditional fantasy monsters to robots and golems to post-humans and beyond. Hopefully this will all tie into Dissecting Worlds Live! 2, aimed for early next year, and we’ll fill you in on that as we go.

So here is the formal running order.

  1. The Boys are Back in Town: Orcs, Gobins and other Hordes
  2. Here Be Dragons: Mythic Beasts
  3. The Old and Beautiful Ones: Dwarves and Elves, from the Woods to the Stars
  4. Creatures of the Night: Werewolves and other Nightmares
  5. Are we not Men? (Part 1): Artificial People (Golems, Clones, and Droids)
  6. Are We not Men? (Part 2): Planet of the Apes, Uplift, and more.
  7. Conclusions and Feedback

“Orcs” is in currently being fed to the whirring and clanking fantastic beast which is our editing machine, and should be out in the next week or so. As ever, thoughts and suggestions for things to cover in these episodes is always welcome.

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