New Episode: Series 10, Episode 1: Orcs, Goblins and Other Hordes

In this episode our Northern Hobgoblins debate Orcs and their place in geek fiction including:

  •  Are Orcs racist or snobbish or both?
  • The Noble Savage
  • Other narratives of the Lord of the Rings
  • Glorantha’s Trolls and hateful Broo
  • Walking bags of experience points and the morally acceptable FPS cannon fodder
  • More French philosophers than ever before!
  • Sci-Fi Orcs
  • and of course numerous digressions…..

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep 1: Orcs and other Hordes

The wikipedia page for The Last Ringbearer is here: and the actual text can be found online (but may be inlicensed use of IP)

Kehaar’s bookshelf is the 10 American Presidents podcast from Roifield Brown

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