Announcing Dissecting Worlds Live 2!

Greetings, friends and listeners. Earlier this year we solicited ideas and advice from you all and used that to run an experimental world-building game set on a distant colony world. It was a lot of fun, and we think we (and hopefully you) got something out of it. And so, we want to do it again!

This time we have a loose framework in mind, but want to leave a lot of the ideas open to suggestion once again. We envision our players being the leaders of a convoy of survivors fleeing a realm overrun by the forces of Evil, and seeking a new place to live, or regroup. Think Battlestar Galactica, The Banner Saga, or other similar tales. Send us suggestions of other treatments if there is one you think we should read!

So to get started, the sort of things we need to be thinking about are:

The World:

  • Who or what is the overlord? His minions and his state?
  • Who or what is the exiles? Their tensions and their sources of alliance? What groups make up the exiles? What unifies them?
  • What is the environment of exodus (sea, desert, mountains, mixed…)
  • What is the nature of magic in this fantasy world?

The Game:

  • Where to have it ?
  • When to have it? (We’re looking at early in 2016)
  • What sort of core mechanics do we want?

Let us know – at this point no idea is too outlandish!

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