New Episode: Series 10, Episode 4: Creatures of the Night

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds S10, Ep4: Creatures of the Night

This month Wolf-Man Kehaar and Man-Wolf Matt stare into the darkness without and within, as our Fantastic Creatures series looks in horror at, um, horror. This time we reach into the recesses of our primal fears and talk about:

  • Vampires, ancient and modern; from predator to love interest.

  • Werewolves (there wolves!), and fears of the the beast within

  • Stalkers and Serial Killers

  • Lovecraftian Horrors

  • and much more!

Glorious Classic “Horror Express” is in the public domain and can be viewed, in it’s entirery, on YouTube here

Microscope is here: and the DW2 announcement post is here

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