New Episode! Series 10, Episode 7: Fantastic Creatures Conculusions

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep7: Fantastic Creatures Conclusions!

Wrapping up their series on Fantastic Creatures the gruesome twosome invite the listeners to send in their thoughts, which means the following get discussed:

* Wehlan’s Moorcock art making elves sexy (thanks Rachel Khan @portablecity)

* Dire Halflings!

* The Fertility of Half Elves (thanks to @lindybeige)

* Elephantmen (finally, honest)

* Channel 4’s Humans & Azimov’s Laws of Robotics

* R E Howard on race and sex (most picked up listening @theCromcast)

* And plenty more! Thanks to everyone who got in touch!

And whislt we are on the subject, please take the time to do our listener survey & help shape our future episodes

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Finally our next episode will be an “Ask Dissecting Worlds” so get your questions in! Anything Goes!

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