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Dissecting Worlds: Ragnarok

The Mother of All Conclusions Approaches! The kryptonite of real life has chipped away at our podcasting shields, there are Klingons on the starboard bow, well women in the life support, the engines are running red and that strange precious

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News: Series 11 Episode Titles

Hello again, we hope you’re enjoying the first episode of “Legendary Creators”! As promised in the episode, we have been working on a full series subject list for your amusement and (hopefully) delight. So, without further ado, our 8 –

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New Episode: Series 11, Episode 1: Alan Moore vs Frank Miller

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 1: Moore vs Miller Welcome to Series 11 of Dissecting Worlds, where we attempt to Compare and Contrast pairs of Legendary Creators! This time we set Bearded Wizard Alan Moore against Angry Iconoclast Frank

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News: Update on Series 11

Hey! Wheres the next episode? Good question, Internet Straw Man. As we’ve mentioned we’re in the process of putting together our next series around the subject of “Legendary Creators” and it’s sort of ballooned into needing more planning than our

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New Episode: Special: Westerns!

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Special – Westerns Yeee-haaaa! – Saddle Up partners & join Patrick from the Almost Educate podcast (the good) Matt (the bad) and Kehaar (the ugly) for rough riding through the badlands where the Western

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Suggestion Box: Legendary Creators

One of the things we’d like to more of, going forward, is get a little more feedback on what subjects you’d like to see covered on the show. As we’ve mentioned on the last episodes, we want to do a

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New Episode: Ask Us Anything!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Special: Ask Us Anything Pull up your most comfy chair to the fireside and listen in as Kehaar and Matt take your questions on the past, present and future of Dissecting Worlds! In this episode we take

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New Episode! Series 10, Episode 7: Fantastic Creatures Conculusions

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep7: Fantastic Creatures Conclusions! Wrapping up their series on Fantastic Creatures the gruesome twosome invite the listeners to send in their thoughts, which means the following get discussed: * Wehlan’s Moorcock art making elves sexy (thanks

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Dissecting Audiences!

Yes, as mentioned on the Facebook page and on the upcoming episode, we are running a survey to find out just what you think of us. Oh wait, that sounds scary. At least for us. But it’s a straightforward set

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New Episode: Series 10, Episode 6: Animal Men (and Women)

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep 6: Animal Men This time our hulking lizardman and tiny seagull look at animals in science fiction. So that is uplifted earth creatures and coincidentally similar aliens with special attention on: Planet of the Apes

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