News: Holidays!

Hi all,

It’s been a little quiet here at Dissecting World Towers as we’ve both been beaten around the ears a little with the “Real Life” stick. Some good – like holidays, some bad – like “not holidays”, but all in all it means there will be no episode in June. But we will be back with the long-awaited Spies Feedback episode at the start of July.

Keep an eye on us on twitter and Facebook as things will still be posted up there, and here!

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New Episode: Series 9, Episode 6: Special Circumstances

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 9 – Episode 6: Special Circumstances

Welcome to Dissecting World’s Lecture on the Communism – or is it an Anarchy? –  of Iain M Banks titanic sweeping space opera culture; The Culture, with focus on their spies ‘Special Circumstances’.

The Northern duo of Kehaar & Matt are joined by an incredibly knowledgeable David Haddock of the Banksoniain  fanzine and discuss:

* the blurred lines between Contact & Special Circumstances

* the post-scarcity nature of The Culture & how Star Trek avoids the questions

* Playing the long game and underestimating The Culture at your peril

* All that tech! Shiny!

* Plus Wiki-edit wars!

Please check out the Banksonian for more insights

Remember to send us feedback on our Spies Series and DW live episode! Email us, tweet us or join our Facebook page.

The Multiversal Comics shared silver age supers is here, so please get in touch if you want to join the FACEBOOK group for it.

 Finally, Adrian Tchaikovsky, who has been a guest this season, is up for a Gemmell Award: If you’ve read any of his Shadows of the Apt series and want to show your appreciation, you can vote here. Or vote for anyone else, for that matter.

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It’s Feedback Time Again!

Yes, whilst our Editing Goblins are still chewing on the bits of our Special Circumstances episode, it’s time to remind everyone that this will the last of our regular episodes in Series 9. This means that next up will our feedback and discussion episode, where we try and turn over the reigns to you! We’ll also try and touch on some of the discussions we had over on the Facebook page, and probably talk a little bit more about Dissecting Worlds Live.

But most importantly we want to hear from you! We’ve already had a bunch of great feedback but more is always better, so please get in touch. Email us, to with your finest words, or better yet record something onto your phone and send it over. Tell us if we’ve gone something wrong, missed something important, or just share your opinion on a subject we’ve covered.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Coming Soon: Special Circumstances

As we reach the end of the regular episodes of Series 9, we also get to finally cover a universe that Matt has been itching to do for years – Iain M Bank’s universe of the Culture and it’s shifty bunch of Prime Directive defiers, Special Circumstances. We joined by David Haddock of The Banksoinian to chew over the Culture in general, and covert ops in such an ultra-tech work. How do such a bunch of roaming space-hippies manage to produce such a fearsome cadre of meddlers? We aim to find out soon!

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New Episode: Dissecting Worlds Live! Grand Wrap Up!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds: Live Special!

This month Matt and Kehaar head off into Deep Space, to chart the destiny of our very own world. Yes, it’s the Dissecting Worlds Live Episode, where we run through our first live event, how it went, and what we made of it. This includes:

  • A run down of the factions we had, and what it meant for the starting world

  • All the crisis, and how they played out

  • A look at the world we created, and what sort of stories you’d tell there.

  • Some thoughts on systems, group dynamics and running another one.

  • The Factions Speak! soundbites from all the leaders!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed ideas big and small, those who attended on the day and anyone who just happened to be in the neighbourhood when we needed someone to talk to about it!

Our discussion on Series 10 can be found here, and we welcome your opinions! .

Feedback as ever is welcome too @DissectingWrld on twitter,, the Facebook Group or below!

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The Archive: Alternate History Series 

With the intriguing sideways in time conference starting today what better time to listen back at our experimental alternate history series. Here’s hoping the conference goes from strength to strength.

Series 6: Alternative History

Episode 1: Plague! The Years of Rice and Salt 
Episode 2: Nazis! Alternatives from a World at War 
Episode 3: Romans! Republic and Empire
Episode 4: Americans! Re-fighting The American Civil War
Episode 5: Secrets! Subverting History and Conspiracy Theories.
Episode 6: Victorians! Steampunk and Imperial Romanticism
Episode 7: Conclusions!.

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Coming Soon: Dissecting Worlds Live: The Grand Wrap Up

Can I just say that I adore Chris Foss’ artwork?

Anyway, our next episode is currently chuntering through the pipes of the mighty Dissecting Worlds Editing Organ, is the Grand Wrap-Up for Dissecting Worlds Live. So if you’re still wondering how it all went, and you’ll soon to get to find out. We run through all the factions we used, all the crisis that occurred, and speculate on both the sort of world we actually created, and what sorts of stories we think you’d actually tell there.

All Glory to the Robot Overmind!

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Series 10 – Have Your Say!

With series 9 starting to wind to a close, we’re already discussing what to do next. First though – if you have any feedback you want to send on our Spies series, please do – especially any audio on something we’ve missed or just got plain wrong. It doesn’t have to be long, and we can clean up the audio for you, so just record on it phone in a quiet moment and mail it over! Emails, tweets and Facebooking also accepted!

So, to series 10. We are down to three ideas that we are considering:

Fantastic Creatures

A look at the sort of common fantasy, horror and SF archetypes and fabulous beasties. Dragons! Orcs! Unicorns! (?), Demons, Lycanthropes and Elves of all kinds.

The Planets

A tour of the Solar System using the planets for gateways into wider themes. So Jupiter might let us talk about 2001: A Space Odyssey and other tales of exploration and transcendance. Saturn may be Silent Running and the SF films of the 1970s. We may even split Mars into two to let us do an episode on Barsoom.

Childrens Television

We’ve both wound up watching a lot of kids TV over the last few years, and indeed before, and there is a lot there to unpack that many of us carry over to adulthood. Thinking about things like the Power Rangers, Saturday Morning Superhero Cartoons of all stripes, and right up to date with shows like Adventure Time.

So shout out if you have any thoughts if there is one series you’d prefer over the others, or if you’ve more suggestions for topics to cover in any or all the categories.

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New Episode: Series 9, Episode 5: Spy Trek!

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 9,Ep 5: Spy Trek!

This month the U.S.S. Dissecting Worlds boldly goes back to the Star Trek Universe, where amongst the idealism and starships lie all sorts of secret shenanigans. Kehaar and Matt dive in too all the series and movies to pull out valuable intel on:

  • What happened to the Klingons between the sly operators of TOS to the honour-bound warriors of TNG?
  • How the Romulan Masters of Subterfuge ended up done over by the Dominion
  • Why are all the Spy Agencies basically the KGB?
  • Are Section 31 behind the plot of Star Trek VI and how would you tell?
  • Missed covert opportunities with Enterprise and Voyager.

Dissecting Worlds Live 2015 happened and was great fun! Thank you to everyone who attended, contributed ideas, or just wished us luck. A summary, thoughts, and an episode on it will follow as soon as we’ve recovered!

Feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, on email, the Facebook Group or below !

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Dissecting Worlds Live!: From the Day!

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who helped out with Dissecting Worlds Live. We got a lot of suggestions of Factions, Crisis and general world-building, and a lot of people who re-tweeted, shared and generally sent good wishes about the event. And on the day itself, people turned up! And we ran the Event! And it was fun! We’ll do a few summaries over the next couple of weeks around which will go into what actually happened, and of course there will be a full-length episode on it all, and the sort of Colony we ended up building. But first, a couple of pictures, and some quotes, from the day itself.  Read more ›

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