Who Are Dissecting Worlds?

From the Delightful Pen of Bevis Musson

From the Delightful Pen of Bevis Musson

Dissecting Worlds is a podcast co-hosted by long-time friends Matt and the pseudonymous Kehaar. We are hosted by the great folks at the Geek Syndicate Network who have been kind enough to let us take up their Bandwidth with our exploration of the Social Sciences in Geek Fictional Universes.Wait, what does that mean, exactly?

Essentially we pick a topic and debate the real-world influences and parallels that feed into that worlds creation, and on how it may function. Rather than trying to pick holes in someone elses creation (although there may be a bit of that!) its about trying fill in the blanks; see how things could work, or how vast breadth of history and cultures that humanity has produced have made similar things work already. Over the course of the show we’ve been lucky to get a number of knowledgeable guests on, which helps us keep track of all this stuff and not get too far off-topic. Well, mostly.

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