Find the Shows Here!

Series List and Links.

Series 1: Empires
Episode 1: The Klingons
Episode 2: Dune
Episode 3: The Galactic Empire
Episode 4: Earth Alliance
Episode 5: Oceania
Episode 6: Corporate Empires
Episode 7: Conclusions.

Series 2: Law and Order
Episode 1: Judge Dredd: He Is The Law!
Episode 2: The Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Episode 3: Phillip K Dick: Jails of the Mind.
Episode 4: Capes and Tights: Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 5: Harry Potter: Muggle Management for Beginners.
Episode 6: Mass Effect: Federal Agencies and Special Agents
Episode 7: Conclusions

Series 3: Military Matters
Episode 1: UNIT: Defending the Earth
Episode 2: Temeraire: His Majesty’s Dragon and other Air Forces
Episode 3: Battlestar Galactica: Convoys, Carriers and Space Navies
Episode 4: Rogue Trooper: Ground Combat in Stellar Empires
Episode 5: Space Above and Beyond: Marines in Space
Episode 6: Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring and Fantasy Battles
Episode 7: Conclusions

Series 4: Gender and Sexuality
Episode 1: Gender, Sexuality and Superheros
Episode 2: Zardoz, Post Holocaust Sex and Gender Dystopias
Episode 3: Fantasy and Fairy Tales
Episode 4: Vampires: Blood and Boffing
Episode 5: Space Opera: Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Sex
Episode 6: Horror, Transgressions and Transistions
Episode 7: Conclusions.

A Very Special Episode: Drugs Special
Series 5: Leadership

Episode 1: The King: Arthur and the Price of Kingship
Episode 2: The Captain: Star Trek Captains Smackdown!
Episode 3: The Soldier: Captain America and Superteams
Episode 4: The Savior: Aslan and other Gods
Episode 5: The Chosen One: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Episode 6: The Anti-Leader: The Doctor, Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 7: Conclusions. 

Sports Specials
Episode 1: Science Fiction and Fantasy Sports
Episode 2: Sports Comics
Episode 3: Human Hunting: The Most Dangerous Prey
Episode 4: Games and Game Theory

Series 6: Alternative History
Episode 1: Plague! The Years of Rice and Salt 
Episode 2: Nazis! Alternatives from a World at War 
Episode 3: Romans! Republic and Empire
Episode 4: Americans! Re-fighting The American Civil War
Episode 5: Secrets! Subverting History and Conspiracy Theories.
Episode 6: Victorians! Steampunk and Imperial Romanticism
Episode 7: Conclusions!.

Series 7: Rebels and Revolutionaries 
Episode 1: The Rebel Alliance and Others – Rebels in Space!
Episode 2: Robin Hood and the Traditional Romantic Narratives
Episode 3: Red Dawn: Post-Invasion, Post Apocalyse
Episode 4: Very British Coups: Rebellions and Resistance Fighters in 2000AD
Episode 5: Fighting the System, Fighting the Future: X-Men
Episode 6: The Iron Council: The Peoples Revolt Comes to Fantasyland
Episode 7: Conclusions!

2013 Halloween Special: Zombies!

Series 8: Religion
Episode 1: The Devil Satanism: The Devil Has all the Best Podcasts
Episode 2: Small Gods: Pratchett, Religion and Faith
Episode 3: Men Like Gods: RPGs and Religion
Episode 4: God Emperors: From Dune to Warhammer 40k
Episode 5: The Uncaring Cosmos: SF Religion and Entities Posing as Gods
Episode 6: Journeys Outside the West: Monkey, Avatar TLA and others.
Episode 7a: Feedback! 
Episode 7b: Conclusions!

2014 Autumn Special: Schools Out!

Series 9 : Spies, Rogues and Covert Agents
Episode 1: For Your Ears Only: Bond!
Episode 2: Games in the Shadows (of the Apt)
Episode 3: Against the Unknowable; Horror Espionage
Episode 4: Spying on Utopia; Star Treks Secret Agencies
Episode 5: Agents of ACRONYM: Superspies
Episode 6: Dirty Tricks, Special Circumstances and the Culture
Episode 7a: Feedback & Conclusions!

Xmas Special 2014: Fathers and Sons.

Series 10: Fantastic Creatures
Episode 1: Orcs, Goblins and Other Hordes.

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