Dissecting Worlds Needs YOU!

image1Friends, Romans (and Vikings), Dissectors, we’ve had five years of Dissecting Worlds! It’s been quite a ride so far, and we’re looking forward to getting our scapels into many more worlds in the years to come. Part of the joy of the show has been building connections out to you, our audience, and the feedback and support we’ve had. But if you’re interested in how to help us out in return for all the hours of bickering and diversions we’ve so far provided, there are a few ways.

First of all, feedback is important to us. Our main email is at dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk and we’re always eager to hear from you. If you’ve enjoyed a series or subject more than another, please let us know. If you think we’ve missed a big universe, or skipped some critical source, then shout out, and we can plan to dive in. If we’ve just got something wrong, then let us know that too. And don’t be shy – if you’ve got a couple of minutes free you can record audio on a PC or smartphone and send it in, and we can feed it to the editing Gremlins (ie, Matt) for inclusion to the show. 

You can get in touch on facebook and twitter too, where you’ll find links, news, and suggestions for discussion as and when they come to us. We even accept feedback in person – meatspace is the new internet ! Come to a symposium or join us at a DWLive event. We’re usually at Thoughtbubble so pop over and say hello.

As part of the Geek Syndicate Network we can be reviewed and rated on the major podcast services. You can give us a rating on iTunes! or via Stitcher which will push us up the rankings there and get us more visibility, as well as the other shows on the network. 

Finally, please spread the word of Dissecting Worlds. Word of mouth is important to us so if you’ve enjoyed a show please “share” it, “retweet” it, or whatever it is you kids do these days. Can we get podcasts on Tinder? Is that a thing? We have a Trailer, so if you run your own show please consider giving us a plug and we’ll happily do the same for you. We also have a flyer that you print out and stick in your window, drop off at local geek hangouts or use as surprise Christmas wrapping if you think that will help.

Five more years!

Onwards and upwards!

Argumentum ad Astra! 

(Through argument to the stars!)crest square

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