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New Episode: Series 10, Episode 4: Creatures of the Night

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds S10, Ep4: Creatures of the Night This month Wolf-Man Kehaar and Man-Wolf Matt stare into the darkness without and within, as our Fantastic Creatures series looks in horror at, um, horror. This time we

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New Episode: Series 9, Episode 3: Against the Unknowable; Horror Espionage

(Featured Image courtesy of visiondrops) This time our Unspeakable Oafs Matt and Kehaar are joined by the Legendary game designer,writer and podcaster Mr Kenneth Hite to discuss the strange intersection of the shadowy worlds of Horror and Espionage. Given the opportunity,

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Coming Soon: Against the Unknowable; Horror Espionage

Those of you with perception beyond the ken of mere mortals will realise that we’ve shuffled the intended running order of the series a little to bring forth our assignment on Horror Espionage. This is because we had the opportunity

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