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New Episode: Special: Westerns!

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Special – Westerns Yeee-haaaa! – Saddle Up partners & join Patrick from the Almost Educate podcast (the good) Matt (the bad) and Kehaar (the ugly) for rough riding through the badlands where the Western

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Suggestion Box: Legendary Creators

One of the things we’d like to more of, going forward, is get a little more feedback on what subjects you’d like to see covered on the show. As we’ve mentioned on the last episodes, we want to do a

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New Episode: Ask Us Anything!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Special: Ask Us Anything Pull up your most comfy chair to the fireside and listen in as Kehaar and Matt take your questions on the past, present and future of Dissecting Worlds! In this episode we take

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Announcing Dissecting Worlds Live 2!

Greetings, friends and listeners. Earlier this year we solicited ideas and advice from you all and used that to run an experimental world-building game set on a distant colony world. It was a lot of fun, and we think we

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New Episode: Dissecting Worlds Live! Grand Wrap Up!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds: Live Special! This month Matt and Kehaar head off into Deep Space, to chart the destiny of our very own world. Yes, it’s the Dissecting Worlds Live Episode, where we run through our first live event,

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Coming Soon: Dissecting Worlds Live: The Grand Wrap Up

Can I just say that I adore Chris Foss’ artwork? Anyway, our next episode is currently chuntering through the pipes of the mighty Dissecting Worlds Editing Organ, is the Grand Wrap-Up for Dissecting Worlds Live. So if you’re still wondering how

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New Episode: Holiday Special 2014: Families

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Holidays 2014: Families As it’s the festive period once again our Two Wise(ish) Men take on the subject of family, for good, but mostly, it seems, for ill. In amongst the discarded wrapping and indigestion tablets,

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Coming Soon: Xmas 2014 Special: Families, Happy and Otherwise

Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year, when the nights draw in, the weather forecast turns gloomy and all the adverts are about sad penguins playing wartime football. To celebrate the season, we’re taking a step away from

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New Episode: Schools Special!

Dowload: Dissecting Worlds Special: Schools Out This time Matt and Keehar are sent back to school with a special on all things educational. What is the attraction in the school setting? What gets it right and wrong? Classes include: The American

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Coming Soon: School’s Back!

Really Coming Soon this time, after “Barbarians” has suffered a delay due to scheduling conflicts. Can’t trust these Steppe Nomads, no sense of timing. I blame the Yurts, myself. Anyway, we promised a Special Episode, so a Special Episode we

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